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About Us

The Empathy & Hope Project is a social awareness initiative that includes multimedia art forms as vehicles to create dialogue and social change around mental health and wellbeing in our communities and environments.

The initiative has a strong focus on developing empathy towards those living with and affected by, mental health challenges and disorders, which curbs societal stigma.


Hope, as a teachable skill, is emphasised as a way to promote mental wellbeing.

Hi, I'm Chantelle,

I'm a global mental health advocate and social impact entrepreneur based in Durban, South Africa. I'm affiliated with local and international organisations and serve on multiple health advisory committees.


My work has a strong focus on creating evidence and solutions on mental health support for young people as well as addressing unemployment caused by mental health conditions in the workplace.


I'm the Creator and Curator of the Empathy & Hope Project, a travelling social awareness art initiative.

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Empathy & Hope Project

Durban, 4019


South Africa

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