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The Empathy & Hope Project is a social awareness initiative that promotes its core pillars, empathy and hope, through creative community engagement platforms.


The platforms act as advocacy vehicles that drive dialogue and social change around mental health and wellbeing in communities around the world.


Our project promotes EMPATHY for those experiencing, and who are affected by, mental health challenges and HOPE as a teachable skill that can promote mental wellbeing.


Our Mission

The Empathy & Hope Project creates accessible and culturally relevant initiatives, that includes social justice platforms addressing community-based mental health challenges, as well as providing basic literacy for coping with mental health challenges, as well as tools to develop empathy and hopefulness.

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Our Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to positively transform societal stigma and discriminatory behaviour towards those living with, and experiencing, mental health challenges, through creative, impactful and culturally relevant social awareness initiatives.

Our vision

Our Supporters

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