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Claire W. Kyalo (Kenya)

My name is Claire Kyalo.

I have lived experience with bipolar. I'm a wife, a mother, and a human rights practitioner. I'm currently doing a diploma with WHO on mental health, human rights and law. I'm a creative as well. And so I have a poem to share:

Walking alone

I feel alone

Walking with a label

They see me

They don't understand me

They say, "You look fine"

"What's the problem?" they ask

I'm alone, I'm alone

I feel alone. Where is help?

They say they care

But when it matters they disappear

When fatigue sets in

When the nausea overwhelms

When I feel nothing "What's the problem?" they ask.

I'm alone, I'm alone

When it's dark, despite the sun being out

When the medication is all I crave

To calm down

To rest easy

To see clearly

To hope again "What's the problem?" they ask

I'm alone, I'm alone

When will the sun rays find me?

When will the air change?

When will my mind clear again?

When will I smile again, genuinely?

I'm alone, I'm alone

They say I'll be fine

What does that even mean? When will you understand my need to be heard

My need to be seen

Just like you see anybody else

I'm alone, I'm alone

So help me to stop being alone.


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